Ode to Travel Writing Cliches

Kelly Wisecarver, one of the students in my Travel Writing in Tuscany class, wrote this very funny little send-up of the clichés in Travel Writing. Let me know if you have favorites of your own that you love to hate!

Ode To Clichés (May 22, 2015)

You might say we’ve crossed one journey off of our bucket list. Embarking on an adventure to this sun-drenched Tuscan village, where colorful locals trump hordes of tourists, we frolic with new friends. Monticello is an undiscovered gem where glasses of Brunello wash down heaping platters of pasta. For our last night, we feast at a ristorante nestled into the side of the ancient city walls. We’ll savor scrumptious secondis such as toothsome wild boar, cinghiale, quaff gallons of vino rosso, and nibble decadent sweets to die for. Perfect for individuals or groups the Travel Writing in Tuscany class, led by adrenaline junkie Nick O’Connell of The Writer’s Workshop, boasts off the beaten path destinations for foodies and free wi-fi.

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