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Writing Classes with The Writer’s Workshop

Seattle writing classes discuss best story openings.

Narrative Writing Classes

Have a compelling story? Want to learn the craft of narrative writing? Dr. Nick O’Connell teaches time-honored principles with a relaxed style in a sequence of four enjoyable Seattle writing courses, from nut graph to structure, from lead to climax.

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Travel writing classes in Provence.

Travel Writing in Europe

This course uses all of an author’s skills—ranging from dramatic scenes, character sketches, concrete detail, point of view, and scene by scene construction—to compose compelling, engaging travel narratives.

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Online travel writing classes are ideal for the fast-paced contemporary world.

Online Writing Classes

Have you always wanted to write but needing a refresher course on the nuts and bolts of creative writing? Would you like to extend and enhance your writing techniques? If so, these online writing classes will help you communicate clearly and effectively in email, reports, letters, essays as wells as learning the art and craft of fiction and nonfiction narrative.

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Reviews from Past Students

Nick’s writing Seattle writing classes have been critical for me to get started as a professional writer. He teaches an excellent mix of craft and marketing–both of which are essential for successful writing. He taught me how to write a gripping lead, set the scene, and finish in a way that brings the piece full circle. On the marketing side, Nick willingly shares his own strategies for breaking into publications. I found his tips about querying editors, as well as his market insights, invaluable and have used them successfully in publishing my first essay–a story about my first car. I’m grateful for his encouragement of my career in writing. In the fall, I will study Creative Nonfiction at the University of Idaho’s MFA program. I’ll also be TA’ing and hope to model my teaching style on his!

Jeff Jones is a freelance writer based in Moscow, Idaho.

Thanks to your guidance in the Seattle writing class, my head is spinning with oodles of ways to express myself using the personal essay style. I attended a conference for text and academic authoring in Minnesota a few weeks ago, where three of us actually composed a personal essay on napkins at a reception with a well-stocked bar. I credited you as my inspiration.

Karen Hoelscher, Ph.D. writes from Bellingham, Washington.

I can’t thank you enough for all that I learned from you about crafting a narrative, scene, and character portraits in your Seattle writing classes. Also, your tips for using strong verbs, rich descriptors, and setting up the framework for the book have proven invaluable. I could never have completed the book without the tools and skills you helped me acquire.

Angela Day is the author of Red Light to Starboard: Recalling the Exxon Valdez Disaster

Nick’s great sense of humor, his keen eye for clean, compelling prose, and his years of practical writing experience make learning productive and entertaining. Nick successfully guided me through my first job as a newspaper reporter and has provided advice and mentoring since. He’s a great teacher for the beginning writer and a superb coach for the experienced professional.

Deirdre Allen Timmons is a Seattle-based contributor to Underwire, Seattle Homes and Lifestyles and many other places. She’s currently working on her second screenplay.

Just last week I received call from an editor at Tate Publishing who told me that a book I’ve written about caring for my mother has been accepted for publication. What a surprise! One of the reasons I took your online writing class was to gain more skills to complete this book, so my dream has finally come true.

Jennifer Sokol is the author of Six Years of Grace: Caregiving Episodes With My Mother.

Nick is one of the most approachable and helpful writing teachers I’ve ever met. He’s not just a good teacher, but a veteran writer himself, who knows all of the ins and outs of the business. I’d recommend his Seattle writing classes not only to the beginner, but also to established writers who are looking to improve and broaden their skill set.

Cory Graff whose book Strike and Return: American Airpower and the Fight for Iwo Jima was published by Specialty Press.

I took Nick O’Connell’s Seattle writing class “Stalking the Nonfiction Narrative” when I was stuck on the first draft of my book. He helped me break through barriers, giving me the techniques to create a solid structure for my book. Then he worked with me as a writing coach and gave insightful feedback that enabled me to craft my story into a publishable manuscript. Throughout the whole process, he encouraged and advised me on all aspects of the writing and publishing. Nick was a huge part of my recent book sale, and I would recommend him to any writer–-whether you just want to improve your technique or to publish professionally.

Rebecca Agiewich whose novel, The Break-up Babe, was recently published by Random House.

I’m a 2007 Writer’s Workshop alum writing to thank you. I no longer live in the Seattle area, but recently received notification that I am a Fellowship Award Recipient to the Professional Wine Writers Symposium at Meadowood Napa Valley in February 2017. Thank you for the direction your workshop provided all those years ago, which guided me to my true North. While not easy, I found the courage to pursue what I love – writing – and in doing so, to find my voice.

L.M. Archer - FWS | Bourgogne Master Level

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We offer a wide variety of writing classes, including Seattle writing classes, travel writing classes and online writing classes to meet the needs of a wide range of writers. All of our instructors have extensive teaching and professional writing experience, allowing them to guide you through the sometimes bewildering world of newspaper, magazine and book publication. We provide expert, constructive criticism to help you master the art and craft of writing.

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