Latest news: there's still room in my fall writing classes!

There’s still room in my spring Seattle Writing Class, The Nature of Narrative, our online writing classes and my Travel, Food and Wine Writing Course in Rioja, Spain (May 17-23). Sign up early to reserve your slot!

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Writing Classes

Have a compelling story? Want to learn the craft of narrative writing? Dr. Nick O’Connell teaches time-honored principles with a relaxed style in a sequence of four enjoyable Seattle writing courses, from nut graph to structure, from lead to climax.

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Writing in Europe

This course uses all of an author’s skills—ranging from dramatic scenes, character sketches, concrete detail, point of view, and scene by scene construction—to compose compelling, engaging travel narratives.

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Writing Classes

Have you always wanted to write but needing a refresher course on the nuts and bolts of creative writing? If so, this writing course will help you communicate clearly and effectively in email, reports, letters, essays and more.

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Have you always wanted to write but haven’t known where to start?

Have you written in the past but need a refresher? Are you an experienced author who wants to perfect and extend your technique?

We offer a wide variety of writing classes, including Seattle writing classes, travel writing classes and online writing classes to meet the needs of a wide range of writers. All of our instructors have extensive teaching and professional writing experience, allowing them to guide students through the sometimes bewildering world of newspaper, magazine and book publication. We provide expert, constructive criticism to help you master the art and craft of writing.

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Writing classes help writers tell compelling stories.

Reach a wide audience and satisfy some of their deepest yearnings for pattern, mystery, and coherence in their lives.

Narrative writing allows for great scope and ambition, but it requires commitment to the habit of art to succeed. Our writing classes will help you develop your own habit of art, mastering the art and craft of narrative writing essential to creating fiction and nonfiction stories.

We teach Seattle writing classes, travel writing classes and a wide range of online writing classes.

Meet your writing instructor Nicholas O'Connell

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Hello & welcome!

Learn the secrets of narrative writing in my writing classes and:
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I look forward to working with you!


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