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I believe that students learn by doing. The factory model where students take notes on a lecture and then repeat them in their assignment is anathema to me. In my Seattle writing classes, I lecture briefly and distribute handouts to provide clear goals, but then quickly get students working on writing exercises, critiquing each others’ work, reading and analyzing published stories, and putting the skills and techniques into practice in their own writing. In online courses, I provide you with the lectures and explain in detail the writing exercises that accompany them. Students need to find their own voice and approach to these techniques. You can read more about our Teaching Philosophy here.


The Quest Narrative: A Great Way to Tell a Story A quest narrative is one of the oldest and surest ways of telling a story. The Odyssey is essentially a quest narrative, with Odyssey’s journey back to his wife and

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NEWS FOR THE WRITER’S WORKSHOP Here are upcoming readings, events and news for The Writer’s Workshop, which complement our Seattle writing classes, online writing classes and travel writing classes. Please get in touch if you have questions and comments about these

Teaching Philosophy

CAN WRITING BE TAUGHT? Writing classes instruction is extremely helpful in making progress in your work, despite some critics of the approach. Ernest Hemingway, the most influential American author of the last generation, often disparaged such instruction. But it should

Student Success

Publications by Former Students I’ve had the privilege of teaching a number of wonderful and gifted students in my Seattle writing classes and in my online courses. Many of them have gone on to publish books and stories in national

Faculty for The Writer's Workshop

Scott Driscoll, M.F.A. Scott teaches the fiction writing sequence for The Writer’s Workshop and the Introduction to Magazine writing class. He has won numerous Society of Professional Journalists awards, was cited in the Best American Essays, 1998, and won the

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Though I’ve published on many topics, I especially enjoy writing about outdoor adventure, food, wine, art and travel. This practical writing experience influences my approach in the Seattle writing classes, travel writing classes and online writing classes I teach for

Writer's Interview with Barry Lopez

The Writer’s Workshop will regularly feature an interview with a well-known author of fiction or nonfiction. These interviews explore the art and craft of writing, making clear how these writers got their start, how they developed their style, and how

Further Reading

Here’s a list of recommended works of nonfiction and fiction: CREATIVE NONFICTION wild by Cheryl Strayed Blood, Bones and Butter by Gabrielle Hamilton The Secret Knowledge by David Mamet The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright The Florist’s Daughter by Patricia


The Storms of Denali: A Novel by Nicholas O’Connell Soaring 20,320 feet into the thin Arctic air, Denali is the highest and coldest summit in North America and one of the most coveted mountaineering prizes on the planet. In this