Young Adult Writing Classes

Take your writing to the next level with writing classes for young adults with The Writer’s Workshop.

Young adult writing classes can be a powerful tool for exploring the experience of adolescence, a time of growth and change and questioning, when many young adults develop a love of literature and writing. But not all schools offer much in the way of a writing curriculum, or if they offer it, many students slip through the cracks as teaching writing is one of the most time-intensive of subjects. As a result, many students move through high school without an adequate grounding in the essential skills of writing personal or  argumentative essays, or trying their hand at expressing themselves through poetry, prose and fiction.

The Writer’s Workshop’s young adult writing classes help solve this problem. While writing allows for great freedom, it also demands mastery of form and structure to succeed. An ability to manipulate form and structure allows a writer to create essays and stories that captivate readers.

The mastery of these techniques does not come easily, alas. It requires a clear, focused curriculum and commitment to the habit of writing and revising to craft excellent essays or stories. These young adult writing classes will help develop your child’s own habit of art, mastering the craft of persuasive and creative writing. The Writer’s Workshop’s young adult writing classes will give your child the skills and techniques to succeed in high school, college and beyond.

The Writer’s Workshop’s classes for young adults offer a smart, rigorous, focused curriculum, one-on-one critiquing and expert instruction by outstanding writers and teachers.