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Seattle Writing Class Explores Memoir Writing

My winter Seattle Writing Class, Follow the Story, will explore a number of writing genres, including memoir writing. Memoir is especially useful in treating questions of identity, a particularly American dilemma, as this is a country without strong classes and

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Restaurant exemplifies ideal of Travel Writing Classes

In my Travel Writing Classes, I love to visit restaurants with a strong sense of place. Though European restaurants often exhibit this connection with place, North American restaurants are making this a priority, too. Thus, it was a great pleasure

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Nut Graph and Angle: Keys to Strong Openings

NUT GRAPH AND ANGLE The nut graph is the context paragraph, the place where you orient the reader, making clear the circumstances of the story and what it means. Nut graphs are used with all leads. It’s crucial to include

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Summary Leads: The Quickest and Easiest Way to Open a Story

SUMMARY LEADS These leads allow you to get to the point of your story quickly and easily. The trick is to make them appealing as well. Writers using summary leads often employ wordplay or humor to liven them up. “It

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Phillip Lopate Speaks About First Person Writing

Anyone who has laughed out loud while reading Against Joie de Vivre by Phillip Lopate would have enjoyed his talk on Feb. 27 at the AWP Conference in Seattle. He credited Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground as an important early

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