Hijinks on the Book Tour

I’m always nervous before an interview. I like to arrive at least a half hour early, just to make sure I wouldn’t be late.

As I entered the Spokane Public Radio KPBX studio, host Verne Windham shook hands with me, his right hand curled up like a claw.

I shook his hand, trying not to stare at it. “Great to meet you.”

Then Verne opened his hand, revealing all healthy fingers. “Just like your character,” he said, referring to John Walker, the narrator of The Storms of Denali, who lost fingers to frostbite on the climb.

I laughed at the gag, which made me relax. I was keyed up in advance of our interview, but now calmed down.

Verne had read the entire novel and obviously loved it. It dovetailed perfectly with the music he was cueing up, including Alan Hovhaness’s symphony Mysterious Mountain. Interviews with such thoughtful, insightful folks like him are always a pleasure on a book tour. We talked for 20 minutes about climbing, writing and how I put the book together, a thoroughly satisfying conversation. I will put link up to the interview shortly. Thanks again, Verne!