Publishing Opportunities

Pont des ArtsPublishers occasionally contact me looking for writers to contribute to their publications. Here are two that you might consider as homes for your stories:

The editors at City Arts Magazine are now accepting submissions for Ampersand, City Arts print and online showcase for original work by emerging Northwest artists and writers. We want to see fiction, poetry, essays, film, painting, music, lyrics, scripts and whatever else you can think of. In particular, we are looking for under-celebrated work that demonstrates innovation, superior craftsmanship and, as much as possible, a healthy sense of humor.Explore Ampersands new home on our Web site at

Pink Pangea, the first online community for women travelers, is seeking travel writers! Pink Pangea is the place where women travelers share their experiences abroad, connect to fellow travelers, and inspire other women to explore the world. Pink Pangea’s goal is to make travel easier, safer, and more fulfilling for women of all ages. We are looking for adventurous and eloquent students who have traveled abroad and want to document their experiences while discussing issues that are relevant to women travelers.

Contact for more information, and visit to read current articles.